Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Children's Toy

This is a project for my digital drawing class. Our goal is to develop and illustrate a children's toy (left). Additionally, we were required to also illustrate what the box would look like (right image).
I called this toy...*drum rolls*... TREASURE ADVENTURE! lol its cheesy but hey its for kids so its excusable. Anyways how does this toy operate? Well the treasure box toy will emit a random sound... for example, "Oink! Oink!". The kid is then required to pick one of the magnetic keys containing the right answer, in this case "Pig" and stick it into the keyhole. The box recognizes the key to be correct and the box opens. Upon its opening, there will be a screen on the bottom of the lid (not shown) displaying a basic mathematical problem (for. ex. 1+3=?), the kid is then required to solve the math and press the correct chamber showing the right answer, 4. the chamber opens and s/he gains access to the PIG toy inside! isnt that fun!?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Watercolor Magazine Cover

Ok, i am done with the watercolor magazine cover.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Projects!


New project! We are supposedly fictionally commisioned lol to make an illustrative cover for Virginia Commonwealth Magazine. We can choose from 4 issues:
1.) Winter ( header shown in dark red & dark green)
2.) Spring (header shown in Pink & Light green)
3.) Fall (header shown in Dark brown & orange)
I chose to do Spring, however, i kinda wana do winter too but winter lacks "color" if u paint landscape.
We can illustrate anything that has to do with virginia. Im still browsing for ideas however, i came up with one. I want to illustrate a woman in a swing, a red cardinal sitting on her finger, and Dogwood trees/petals are falling... kinda like a snow effect. In the background, i wanted a Spring-y scenery, maybe some people running, picnic-ing and stuff like that. I plan to use greens, pinks, reds, blue, and lavander. I havent decided what to do with the background yet, i want something DRAMATIC. I definitely want to put a puddle of water there, maybe a lake... n e ideas?

We are to illustrate 5 images provided to us by Daniel Robbins (our instructor, hes cool). Medium is bamboo brushes with japanese ink. We need to illustrate em with complete tonality... adding water for more transparency. Not so excited about this project though.

Recent works.

Here is a recent poster i did for my design class, its made from soft pastel with additional digital manipulations (lightning, floating objects and Lens flare, typography). I found it hard doing this because the pictures i found of the various "intelectuals" have a different lighting that i would like them to have. i wanted them to have a shadow like the light is coming from beneath their faces. i studied how the light hits the face from below the face, its kinda evident on Einstein and the person in the middle but not the others... Ill study more about how light hits the face later on, but n e one have a quick fact about it? Although i did not like the illustration that much, i liked the concept. The theme is "National Literacy" and my quote is "the road to knowledge begins with a turn of a page. -anonymous". My idea is to have a person read a book and the various "great minds of all times" are standing around him. The book is also held by various hands. In order to be successful, one needs to read books, and thats how we obtain knowledge. Hm... get it? sry im not really good in explaining things lol

This is our poem homework. We were allowed to chose our own quotes and illustrate them in black and white, in any medium. i chose graphite pencil. I chose the poem by Jeff Mondak "Franky the onion and garlic the kid". the text is added in the road in an interesting slanted angle. the text also becomes smaller in perspective...

A new start...

I slacked off a lil during freshman and early sophomore year, however, i stand (or sit lol) in front of this monitor and announce that i'll do my best to become a better artist. I want to widen my knowledge on art materials and techniques, so please, if you would want to share those knowledge to me, please do! i would be very glad. So... in order to improve i wrote down a list:

1.) Look at other artist works
3.) Look at illustrated books
4.) Join Illustration club

Thats about it... n e one wanna add something to that?
Right now, i want to start painting but i suck at it, so n e one know where and how i could start? your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

These are my artwork from H.S. years to Fall 06. CLICK ME!